Hoodshop.eu warranty terms

A 2-year warranty is provided for the goods offered by hoodshop.eu. When purchasing a product, a delivery note or a check, which records the time of purchase, acts as a warranty card.

The warranty covers damage caused by manufacturing defects or the quality of raw materials. If the product experiences any of the following problems during the warranty period, please report it to us using the address provided in the contact section. If repair is necessary, bring the product together with the warranty card and documents confirming the payment of the product to our store – Brīvības iela 72(k2). Free warranty repairs will be carried out according to the manufacturer’s terms or you will be refunded if the existing item is a manufacturer’s defect.

To avoid misunderstandings, please carefully read the goods terms of use instructions.

Warranty terms:

  • Warranty does not apply to good’s mechanical damage, scratches caused by careless use of the product in the process.
  • Warranty does not apply to good’s design elements.
  • The manufacturer is entitled to reject the goods warranty repair service, if unqualified repair service was used.
  • If the buyer is unable to produce a valid receipt or invoice, warranty will be void.
  • Warranty service does not cover product failures caused by fires, floods, earthquakes or other disasters affecting.

These warranty conditions are in accordance with the consumer’s rights.